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Stockholm Syndrome | A Jackson & R Kelly Study | Audio Addiction

We see this term being floated around, with kidnappers, criminals, but what about artists? R Kelly and Michael Jackson have a long history of dealing with victims of abuse. Many are beginning to speak out after long years of silence. Today we dive into the mind of the fan, what happens, and what makes artists that have nefarious thoughts, much more powerful and deadly to the average bank robber…  

Stan | Into the Mind of Eminem | The Audio Addiction Podcast

Eminem is one of my favourite rappers of al time. Dark, violent, complete difference to what other artists were spittin’ in his day. Many were gangsters, and the ones after although much lighter in theme, still carried the same emotional impact as what Eminem did in his rhymes. Eminem was one of the greatest rappers, coming from humble beginnings in Detroit Michigan, he would rise up, get discovered, and be immortalized in his own city, and to the world. 

Eric Clapton | Slowhand | The Audio Addiction Podcast

Eric Clapton is one of my favourite artists of all time. Nicknamed Slowhand, he is one of the most prolific blues artists in popular music. Making the Stratocaster popular, he ripped through the 60s with his stint with the Yardbirds, following with Cream. Eric Clapton has always been at the forefront of traditional blues, as well as acoustic singles like the ever so popular Tears in Heaven, this is his story. 

The Roland 808 | The Beat | Audio Addiction

This is one of the most iconic devices next to the Fender Stratocaster. From luxury to the dumps to historic object. This has become a cultural icon that we now hear throughout all of hip hop.  

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