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The Roland 808 | The Beat | Audio Addiction

This is one of the most iconic devices next to the Fender Stratocaster. From luxury to the dumps to historic object. This has become a cultural icon that we now hear throughout all of hip hop.  

Through The Wire | Crash into Inspiration | Audio Addiction

Through the Wire is one of the most pivotal moment in rap, it help usher in a new style of rap music, a more emotional, more human, and less gangster. It also help bring in the next newest rapper onto the scene Kanye West. However the journey for Kanye was never easy, and Through The Wire is where he would make that story heard. 

Who Is Lil Kim? | Queen of Rap | Audio Addiction

She is one of the most important figures for female rappers. Growing up in a terrible neighbourhood, Lil Kim would meet Biggie Smalls another prolific rapper, and would work with her in developing her career. Now Lil Kim has sold millions of records around the world and is currently working on releasing a new album this 2019.  

What Was The PMRC? | The Filthy 15 | Audio Addction

The PMRC was a Parental governmental but not governmental body that advocated for regulation of profane lyrical content in popular music. During the mid 1980’s society saw a rise this new music called heavy metal. This kids loved it, parents not so much. It got to a point where government became involved, to a point. Artist dressing up in attire they wouldn’t typically wear, and stand in front of council to promote the right of free speech.

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Audio Addiction is a weekly podcast where we attempt to dive into a certain topic of music. We discuss the history, the importance, and the impact of what it had on culture and society. Our mission is for everyone to gain a better understanding of the music they are listening to, whatever that may be. 

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